The selling process with Martha of Morris Homes

Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent

A rundown of what's included

The Step by Step

One: Kick things off

Meet me at your home to review the market and see what kind of price you can get for your house. I’ll do a walkthrough of your home to give you some pointers on staging and repairs to get top dollar. Afterwards, I’ll prepare a report in which I’ll recommend a selling price that works for you and the market.

Two: List your House

After the house is cleaned, staged, the professional photos have been taken and the 3D tour is ready, I’ll get it listed on the MLS (the official real estate listing service that gets your house seen). 

Three: Put your house in front of the right people

I’ll advertise your house with Google ads, social media posts, and local postcards. You’ll be kept in the loop as I arrange showings, open houses, and best of all, when offers come in.

Four: Get it sold

I’ll represent you in negotiations and will close the deal at a price you’re comfortable with. I’ll coordinate with the buyers when inspectors and contractors need to come in and review the home. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s just the right time to take your pup for a walk to get out of the house so the appraiser can walk through uninterrupted.  

An Overview


Identify the best price to list your house with and get it ready for showings.


Get qualified buyers through your door with ads, open houses, and an MLS listing.


Close the deal with a realtor who will negotiate on your behalf.Get qualified buyers through your door with ads, open houses, and an MLS listing.

Praises from sellers

"They have been a blessing & have really set the bar high"

“They have been a blessing to us and have really set the bar high if we ever have to use someone other than them. We could not say enough positive things about them and the work they do & recommend them HIGHLY if you are looking to buy or sell in the area.”

"a relatively seamless transaction"

“The house was sold within 2 months at a great price, and they helped me get into my new house so that I had a relatively seamless transition.”

The client dashboard

A glimpse inside

Once we get started, I’ll share a complete client dashboard with you, packed full with a welcome guide, overview, contract details, and other extras that make the process easy.

Frequently asked Questions

Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent

Listing your home is no easy feat. As a full-time realtor, I’ll get your home on the market and leverage it accordingly. This includes recommending a listing price, getting it on official real estate websites, bringing qualified buyers in the door, coordinating open houses, negotiating the final sale, and more.

Do I really need a realtor to sell my house?

I get paid a commission from the final sales price of the home. I only get paid if the house sells.

How do you get paid?

The commission covers every single aspect of what I do — helping you sell your home, recommending a listing price, negotiating, arranging services like the staging and professional photography, coordinating closing, and more. Additional services that can be negotiated include professional staging, contractors for repairs, and other listing preparation services. All commissions are negotiable.

What does your commission cover?

P.S. It’s A Good Fit If…

Selling your home takes a lot, and I get that. If you’re willing to talk openly, get down to the nitty gritty, and ask hard questions, it’ll go a lot smoother. 

You trust me.

You should be inquisitive and ask for an explanation of anything you do not understand. I’m not afraid to be challenged if it means we get to the heart of what’s best for you. 

You ask questions.

...or will listen when I share recommendations. We’ll work together to help you decide what you want when selling your home. Once a plan is established, we need to stick to it as close as we can. Changing lanes may be necessary and is as easy as giving me a signal.

You're decisive

Your house is probably your most valuable asset. If you have lived in your home a long time, you have made memories there. Your house has been your home! But remember, buyers see a house where you see a home. Delicately and with tact, we will need to have a conversation about what price we can ask based on the condition of your home and the market. Then we can roll with it from there.

You can detach emotions to analyze data.

Sell without worry

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