SLC & Cottonwood Heights Homes for Sale

The buying process with Martha of Morris Homes

A rundown of what’s included

The framework

One: Lay the foundations

Let’s meet at a local cafe to review your goals and make sure we’re a good fit. (Alpha Coffee is my go-to because they support Veterans, and offer great food and drinks.) Overall, we might spend 2 weeks to a year together depending on your timeline so we need to be comfortable with one another!

Two: Create a game plan

I’ll start by reviewing your budget and will recommend a purchase price for us to move forward with. With that, we’ll create a real estate game plan centered around your goals and lifestyle.

Three: Curate a list of neighborhoods & homes for you

Rather than scour all of Salt Lake City for houses, we’ll narrow down the search to neighborhoods that accommodate your lifestyle from skiing to running trails or raising a family. 

Four: Preview homes on your behalf & schedule house tours

You can use the MLS to search for homes, or we can use Zillow if that’s easier on your end. Choose to receive automatic notifications if you plan to get your feet wet in the search process; otherwise, I’ll personally notify you when houses within your criteria become available. I’m more than happy to take a look at the home before I bring you along.

Five: Answer questions & notify you of market changes

Throughout the process, I’ll answer questions and keep you informed on the status of the market. I can also help you find a lender for your mortgage!

Six: Submit thorough offers & negotiate pricing 

When you’re ready to submit an offer, I’ll make the calls for you and will negotiate the final deal. I submit offers that agents are thrilled to see come through because they’re backed up with all the necessary paperwork.

Seven: Coordinate closing details & inspections

Once a deal has been made, I’ll help you sort out the rest — inspections, appraisals, and final closing details with the lender and title company. 

Eight: Help you enjoy your house

I’ll get you in your new home, and help you get settled too. I’ll be around when you need recommended contractors — from my trusted HVAC professional to the plumber I have on call. I also help when tax season comes around, sending our customized CMAs so you stay up to date on your home valuation. 

An Overview


Tell me what kind of home you’re crazy about. Mid-century, modern, or mountainside?


Let’s get specific on the parameters of your home — from the size to the location so we can search with precision.


We found your haven in your preferred neck of the woods. I’ll help you make it official with negotiations so we don’t miss the chance.

Praises from buyers

"Martha was eager to share her wealth of knowledge about the area"

“I worked with Martha for about a year before I finally found the perfect home. As a first time home buyer, I started my home search knowing close to nothing about the process. Martha was eager to share her wealth of knowledge about the area, local real-estate market and closing process. When I finally found a house I loved, she had recommendations for inspectors, lenders and moved quickly to ensure I closed on time. I'd recommend Martha for any new or experienced home buyer!”

"you can’t go wrong with Martha!"

“In this crazy sellers market she made suggestions and gave advice that gave me the edge over other buyers and I was able to find my house the first weekend we looked. She knew exactly what type of house I would be interested in based on the criteria I provided. She was always available to answer questions. If you’re on the fence about who to select as your realtor you can’t go wrong with Martha! I would definitely recommend her!”

Access up-to-date real estate listings

Keen to start looking now?

and explore the SLC and Cottonwood Heights homes for sale.

Sign into Zillow and add me as your agent.
You can notify me of houses you like and I’ll send recommendations over too.

Real estate specialties

I've got your back

Relocating to Utah

I’ll give you a boots-on-the-ground perspective with video tours, home previews, and check-ins. You’ll feel like you were here the whole time with insider recommendations and a local viewpoint.

Selling your current home

It’s a double-header, but it’s worth it. I’ll help you manage the logistics of buying and selling at the same time.

Investing in a Utah property

Utah is a gem for investors. I’ll help you find an investment property. Just think — rentals close to the ski resorts, a film festival hub, or a downtown retreat. Not sure what’s best? I’ll help you decide. 

Looking for new construction

New constructions are available across Utah. Having built a house myself, I’ll help you through the process. 

Interested in a fixer upper

Mid-century charmers catching your eye? Let’s find a place with the bones for a renovation to suit your style.

The client dashboard

A glimpse inside

Once we get started, I’ll send your client dashboard link, complete with a welcome guide, overview, contract details, and more perks to make the process stress-free.

Frequently asked Questions

Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent

If you want the latest market updates, a trained negotiator on your team and someone who will manage the time-consuming, complicated aspects of the real estate process, yes, you need a realtor.

Do I really need a realtor?

Realtors in Utah receive a negotiated commission from the final sales price of the home.

How do you get paid?

The commission covers every single aspect of what I do. My basic services include — helping you find a home, recommending a budget price, negotiating, arranging services like the inspection and appraisal, coordinating closing, and more. 

Why are realtors so expensive?What does your commission cover?

I am fully committed to the Fair Housing Act, which protects you and any others involved in the real estate process from discrimination due to race, color, religion, sex, nationality, family status, or disability. When it comes to your housing search, this means that I cannot and will not discriminate when it comes to the houses that I show you. You cannot ask for neighborhood recommendations based on the race, color, religion, sex, nationality, family status, or disabilities of those nearby. On the flip side, a seller cannot refuse your offer based on your race, color, religion, sex, nationality, family status, or disability. In addition, the Realtors Code of Ethics requires your offer always be presented to the seller. 

Fair Housing — what is it? What is your commitment to this and how does it translate to my house search? 

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You don’t need $500,000 in cash if you want a $500,000 home, but you do need to meet certain requirements stipulated by the bank or mortgage company. Those requirements include: acceptable credit score, as well as a reasonable debt to income ratio. You will need some cash to close the transaction. The amount of cash will depend on the percentage of the purchase price required by the lender. And there will be closing costs. I can help you decide if you’re ready, what your budget should look like, and even recommend trustworthy local lenders. I can walk you through the entire process. 

It’s my first time buying a house. How much money do I need and how does the mortgage and loan process work?

This is a fair question. Trust in your realtor is imperative. In all professions there are those who do not deliver what they promise or behave unethically. Sadly, that is also true in the real estate marketplace. You can protect yourself by checking reviews and asking questions like the ones listed here. Rest assured, I do everything above board, transparent, and in full compliance with my broker’s Code of Ethics and all other regulations. I protect you by keeping everything under a strict level of confidentiality. I will always look out for your best interest and be as transparent as possible.

 How do I know if I’m being scammed by a realtor or a lender? How do I protect myself? How does my realtor protect me?

P.S. It’s A Good Fit If…

This looks a lot like friendship. We talk openly, share our feelings — hopes and fears — and we support each other. Just as you expect me to be transparent and upfront, I expect you to communicate, show up and express any hesitations.

You trust me.

I only consider my job well done when you feel 110% informed and knowledgeable about your transaction. Believe me, no two transactions are ever the same and if I don’t have the exact answer or solution we need, I will not stop until I find someone who does.

You ask questions.

...or will listen when I present a pros and cons list. I was the buyer who needed to see every house to know if I had found “the one.” This mentality only resulted in frustration and desperation — which is not how you’re going to find your dream home. I can narrow things down considerably once I know your tastes, desires, and budget. 

You're decisive

That doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind, but it does mean that if you know you really need 4 bedrooms, we need to stop looking at houses with 3 bedrooms just because the location is better or has a better kitchen, or fill in the blank with a distracting feature. Part of my job as a buyer’s agent is to help you stay on track with your core goals. 

You know what you want

Feel grounded, not unsettled

This is a home buying process that makes you feel understood and gets you what you’re looking for. 

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